Alibaba Super September, WHC SOLAR Great Discount On All Products!

September for Super Selling!

Great surprise! All WHC SOLAR products have a huge price cut during the September purchasing festival!

The September Purchasing Festival organized by Alibaba aims to enhance the online foreign trade strength of participating companies and provide customers with better products, lower prices and more comprehensive services. The scale of this foreign trade procurement festival is unprecedented. At the kick-off meeting, each team waved their flag, full of energy and enthusiasm.

72 companies are divided into 6 legions, which will compete in the form of PK competitions in the following September, our WHC SOLAR belongs to the Fourth Wolf Fighting Corps.

"Passionate September, Let's go Wolf Warrior!" Just like our slogan, WHC SOLAR will definitely be able to accomplish our goals and compete for more awards at the September Sourcing Festival.

What is the Ali Purchasing Festival and what can you get?

During the September Shopping Festival, we will give all of us consumer a super-large coupon so that you can buy as much as you want. All our products, including the very popular solar batter, solar power systems, solar street lights, etc., will have great discounts. In other words, we will reduce how much according to your needs. Come and enjoy the purchase in our store!

Seize the opportunity and join our purchasing festival!

Those prices that you can hardly even think about will be released in September, and you will get huge discounts. If you are buying for personal use, imagine that you can buy a complete set of household solar power generation systems at a very low price, and never worry about running out of electricity. If you are buying for commercial use, not to mention, it is definitely a huge opportunity to sell wholesale. Your profit and market will be great. Please take this rare opportunity!

Advantages of our WHC solar

WHC SOLAR are a solar technology manufacturer with 13 years of experience. Factory direct sales, fast delivery. At the same time, we have a very professional design team and production team, we will provide higher quality products, more favorable prices, and more comprehensive services. Identify brand, identify WHC SOLAR!


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