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Best Original Solar Product,WHC MISSION: Let the world not lack of electricity !

solar lighting system

300W Solar Energy System

WHC SOLAR SK1226 300W Portable Solar Generator Built-in LifePO4 Lithium Battery, and Pure Sine Wave 300W Inverter, with AC and DC Output, Can Power TV,Fan,Light etc. and Mobile Charger also.

solar powered security lights

200W Solar Flood Light

WHC800 Plus 200W Solar flood light are perfect for security or once you just need a flash of sunshine,his flood light are often used indoors and outdoors,AUTO turns the lights on at dark

200ah battery

WHC 12V 200AH Gel Battery

Best Price Whc Solar 12v 200ah Agm Deep Cycle Gel Rechargeable Solar Storage Battery For Home Power System,applications In Solar Panel System,wind Power System,ups System etc.


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