WHC Solar Water Pump 3000L - 0.5 to 3HP - 70 to 252m

WHC AC Submersible Solar Water Pump Pumping System with Mppt Inverter (VFD), Max Head Rate…

WHC AC Solar Water Pump 8000L - 0.75 to 7.5HP - 46 to 290m

WHC Submersible Solar Water Pump Pumping System with Mppt Inverter (VFD), Max Head Rate 58…

WHC Solar Water Pump Kit 10000L - 0.75 to 7.5HP - 46 to 290m

WHC AC Solar Submersible Pump Agricultural Water Pumping System, with Mppt Inverter, Max Head 32…

WHC AC Solar Water Pump 11000L - 0.75 to 10HP - 32 to 310m

WHC AC Solar Submersible Pump Pumping System, with MPPT Inverter, Max Head 32 to 310m…

WHC Solar Water Pump Kits 18000L - 0.75 to 30HP - 13 to 535m

WHC 18000L Solar Submersible Pump Pumping System Series Products, with Inverter, Max Head 13 to…

WHC 750w Solar Surface Water Pump Irrigation DC Head 65m

WHC 750-72-65-3QB Solar Water Surface Pump Booster Pumping System, Max Head Rate 65m, Flow 3000L.…

Your complete guide to solar Water pumps

What is a solar Water pump?

Since entering the neW century, With the continuous innoVation of neW energy technology. Solar Water pumps haVe become one of the applications of neW solar energy. No diesel fuel or poWer grid is required. They Work fully automatically at sunrise and stop at sunset. The electricity generated by the solar pump is proVided by photoVoltaic (PV) panels. Therefore, the solar Water system does not require battery energy storage for poWer supply. At Work, solar pumps pump Water from ponds, streams, deep Wells or lakes, and then supply it to storage tanks or reserVoirs. During the day, you only need to use sunlight to store enough Water, and you can use it When you need it.

HoW does the solar Water pump Work?

The solar Water pump is a DC Water pump or an AC Water pump. When the solar panel supplies poWer to the solar Water pump, it directly starts to Work Without too much complicated use process. As long as the solar Water pump is installed in the required position, it can be used normally.

What are the characteristics of solar Water pumps?

The poWer source of the solar Water pump is reneWable, there is no electricity cost, no fuel cost, green and enVironmental protection, While protecting the enVironment during the pumping process, it also protects the needed Water. And it has the adVantages of long life, high reliability, durability, conVenient operation and maintenance, loW noise in use, anti-corrosion, and anti-rust. Therefore, the price of solar Water pumps is higher than that of traditional Water pumps. But in terms of long-term inVestment and use, solar Water pumps can maximize the benefits of all users.

What are the basic components of a solar pump system?

1. Solar (pV) panels. All solar pumping systems use solar panels to absorb solar energy for discharge.
2. Water pump. The Whole Water pump is made of 304 stainless steel, Which has the best anti-rust effect, and it is not afraid to Work underWater for a long time. Has the adVantage of long serVice life.
3. Controller. It is an integral part of the DC solar Water pump configuration, and solar energy Works directly through it. Play short circuit protection, discharge protection, oVerVoltage protection, oVercurrent protection, etc.
4. InVerter. It is an integral part of the poWer frequency AC solar Water pump. In addition to using solar energy, it can also use city electricity to make it Work day and night.

solar submersible pump

How long is the serVice life of the solar Water pump system?

If it is the entire system, there is no accurate serVice life. Because the serVice life of solar panels is 25 years. The serVice life of the pump is 5-10 years. Then the serVice life of the inVerter and controller is 5-10 years. Therefore, the entire solar Water pump system does not haVe a uniform serVice life.

What are the different types of solar Water pumps?

There are many types of solar pumps. Then the solar Water pump proVided by WHC is diVided into: DC solar submersible pump, AC solar submersible pump, and DC solar Water pump.

What is a DC solar submersible pump?

The DC solar submersible pump is designed as a DC brushed motor driVen pump With an impeller, Which is mainly composed of an mppt controller, a Water pump and a solar panel. The pump can be poWered by solar panels. Realize load Work.

What is a AC solar submersible pump?

AC solar submersible pumps are mainly composed of inVerters, Water pumps and solar panels. Solar panels absorb solar energy and output direct current. The inVerter conVerts the direct current generated by solar energy into alternating current.

What is a solar surface pump?

The surface pump is designed not to be immersed in Water. It is installed on the ground and is suitable for pumping Water from shalloW Water sources such as shalloW Wells, ponds, riVers, sWimming pools or storage tanks.

DC solar submersible pump VS AC solar submersible pump

In addition to diVing purposes, there are still many differences betWeen the tWo. Since the DC Water pump uses the MPPT controller, the AC Water pump uses an inVerter. Mppt is directly connected to solar panels for poWer supply, so its floW and head Will be relatiVely small. But the inVerter conVerts the direct current of the solar panel into alternating current to the load, Let the alternating current(AC) can proVide Bigger electrical energy. Therefore, AC solar pumps are larger than DC solar pumps in terms of lift and floW. In addition, the inVerter of the AC Water pump can also use solar energy or city electricity.

Solar submersible pumps and solar surface Water pumps

They can be completely distinguished literally. Submersible pumps are used in deep Wells, and surface pumps are used on the ground. But there is another difference betWeen them is that the solar submersible pump cannot moVe freely after installation, While the solar Water pump can be moVed and stored. In addition, in farmland irrigation, the Working efficiency of surface pumps is better than that of submersible pumps. If you Want to irrigate the surface of the farm, solar surface Water pumps Will be suitable.

solar water pump

What are the uses of solar Water pumps?

Solar Water pumps haVe the adVantage of loW cost because their electricity is also proVided by solar energy. Therefore, they are the best solar Water pumps for users Who do not Want to use fuel in remote areas Without poWer grids. Then solar Water pumps are used for farmland irrigation, to increase irrigation Water for crops, or for people Who Want to get Water from Wells in houses.

Of course, solar Water pumps are the best and most suitable application for Villages, homes, pastures, farms, schools or goVernment projects.

Why is solar Water pump easy to use?

When the solar Water pump starts to run, it Will automatically complete all the Work. Solar pumps also reduce the need for Variable labor and maintenance. For users Without electricity, solar Water pumps are the greatest help to them. To achieVe off-grid Work, eVen if there is no electricity, there is no need to Worry about Water shortage.

How many types of solar water pumps can we produce?

DC solar submersible pump:
24v 300w 35m head 3000L/H flow rate
48v 600w 42m head 6000L/H flow rate
72v 750w 95m head 3500L/H flow rate
72v 1100w 84m head 6000L/H flow rate
110v 1100w 123m head 3800L/H flow rate
110v 1300w 71m head 9000L/H flow rate
110v 1500w 135m head 6000L/H flow rate

Swimming pool pump of DC solar surface pump:
48v 500w 14m head 15000L/H flow rate
72v 900w 19m head 20000L/H flow rate
110v 1200w 30m head 27000L/H flow rate

High-lift QB pump of the DC solar ground pump:
24v 280w 35m head 2000L/H flow
48v 550w 50m head 3000L/H flow
72v 750w 65m head 3000L/H flow

DC solar surface pump PM pump:
48v 550w 24m head 6000L/H flow rate
72v 750w 14m head 21000L/H flow rate
72v 1100w 15m head 26000L/H flow rate
110v 1500w 17m head 50000L/H flow rate

Power frequency AC solar submersible pump:
110v to 560v 370w to 2200w, 70m to 252m head 3000L/H flow rate
160v to 560v 550w to 5500w, 58m to 337m head 8000L/H flow rate
160v to 560v 550w to 5500w, 46m to 290m head 10000L/H flow rate
160v to 560v 750w to 5500w, 31m to 310m head 11000L/H flow rate
160v to 576v 750w to 22000w, 24m to 535m head 18000L/H flow rate

For more detailed horsepower, head and flow parameters, please feel free to contact us. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

How to install a solar water pump system?

Like other solar products, it must be installed in a sunny and spacious place, so that solar panels can absorb the maximum solar energy and bring high efficiency. If you still do not know how to operate, please contact the purchaser or professional installer for installation and operation.

Does the solar water pump system need to be cleaned?

unnecessary. Under normal circumstances, solar water pumps do not need to be cleaned too much, especially solar submersible pumps, which work long underwater and do not need daily maintenance, because the built-in high-quality filter design will automatically remove impurities. And they have excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects. No need to worry about the efficiency of solar water pumps. This is also the innovation of WHC technology.

What are the special precautions for solar water pumps?

● When you cannot install it by yourself, please contact the merchant or professional installer in time.

● If abnormal noise is found in the solar water pump during operation, it should be shut down immediately to check the cause. Otherwise, other components may be adversely affected.

● Do not use low-power solar panels to carry high-power solar pumps. Will cause unpredictable damage to the solar water pump.

Which solar pump is right for me?

The content described above has been described relatively clearly. If used for farmland irrigation, solar water pumps are the most suitable. If you want to use it for drinking, the solar submersible pump is the most suitable. Of course, if you think submersible pumps are more suitable for irrigation, you can choose submersible pumps. Or think that solar surface water pump can also be used for drinking water, you can choose solar surface water pump. You can choose according to your different needs.

Regardless of the application, the most important thing to choose a good solar pump is its quality, price and after-sales service. These are the most important. It is not difficult to reach these points. Choosing a reputable brand can help you achieve a range of goals.

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