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Whether you want to illuminate, listen to music, or listen to the radio, these conditions of the WHC solar lighting system can unconditionally meet the above requirements.

Guide: Find the perfect solar lighting system

A good solar lighting system determines the preferences of each person or each family. Then an important part of every solar lighting system is quality. Good quality can make the life of the solar lighting system longer. This is why solar lighting systems have become the core.
When buying a solar lighting system kit, many people may feel that there is nothing to consider. But this step is wrong. There are many factors to consider when buying a solar lighting system. But don't worry, WHC will tell you all about the solar lighting kit below.

Now, let us find the best solar lighting system for you!

What are the components of the solar lighting system?

Simply put, solar panels absorb sunlight photons to generate electricity. The power source passes through the solar controller of the internal device, and then to the solar battery to generate direct current. The generated direct current can be used directly during the day, or it can be stored in solar cells for night use.

Since the solar lighting system entered the solar market. Portable and multifunctional design has become the best way for every family, traveler or individual. Exudes a rich use environment, bringing convenience and rich colors to life.

What are the components of the solar lighting system?

Solar lighting systems, also called solar system kits, use a variety of different components to combine. So as to provide daily household solar lighting needs. Different products, different models. The system composition between them will be different. But most of them have the following components.

Solar panel: A solar panel is a component composed of multiple solar cells. It is the core part of the solar power system, directly using sunlight to generate electricity.

Solar Energy Box: Just like our human body. It is the most important part of the entire suite. The built-in solar controller and solar battery are integrated. All the necessary switches, USB ports, and ports to release power are here.

LED light and bulbs: high-current, high-brightness LED light and bulbs can provide high-brightness lighting for indoor or indoor night lighting.

Charging cable: A variety of different USB chargers can quickly charge different types of mobile phones anytime, anywhere.

What solar lighting systems can WHC provide?

WHC Sk0503L solar lighting system:

Our WHC SK0503L solar lighting system has an appearance design patent certificate, which is the only appearance patent design in the world. The entire design is very beautiful and concise, ensuring that each product has a high degree of professionalism and high quality.
Built-in high-quality 3.7V 4000MAH lithium ion battery material, durable and detachable.
The power of the polysilicon solar panel has reached 6V 3W, which has a very good low-light effect, and can be charged and generated under ordinary lighting.
It is also equipped with a four-in-one charging cable USB mobile phone charger with a USB output of 5V 500MA, which can charge four different types of fast mobile phones. Long cable 3m wired with 2 bright LED bulb kit equipment, can be used indoors and outdoors, working time up to 10 hours. Portable LED lights provide home reading and use it to illuminate when traveling at night. The working time is up to 6 hours.

WHC SK1206 solar lighting system:

The SK1206 solar lighting system has a 10W monocrystalline solar panel, a built-in smart controller and LifePo4 lithium battery.
It contains the necessities needed for solar lighting systems. Equipped with 3 high-current bulbs, 5m long cable, 10 hours long working time. The USB four-in-one charger can quickly charge different types of mobile phones anytime and anywhere. USB output can be used for mobile phones, Ipads, Mp4, chargers, etc., high-definition audio *2 PCS audio output.

WHC SK1212 solar lighting system:

SK1212 home solar lighting system also has a design patent certificate. Every detail of product appearance is protected by law.
It also uses polysilicon solar panels, power 16V 20W, smart controller and 11.1V 12AH lithium battery.
Equipped with E27 12V5W 4*PCS 5m long-line high-lumen LED bulbs, suitable for indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, power outages, camping, non-electricity areas, etc., each use time can reach 10 hours.
The four-in-one charging cable USB mobile phone charger can quickly charge the mobile phone for four different electronic products. There are two super high-quality speakers on the left and right sides. Whenever you connect a Bluetooth wireless MP3 music player, it has high-quality sound quality. At the same time, it can provide you with smart online listening to your favorite radio stations, whether it is real-time news or entertainment news, financial news, or technology news channels.

There are other small system kits, such as: WHC-035w, 2090, st-007, but these small systems can only be used for lighting or charging different electronic products. Unlike other solar lighting systems, they have no multifunctional applications.

Application of solar lighting system

Commercial, home furnishing, boating, RV, camping, picnic, tourism, mountain climbing, etc., as long as the application of solar lighting system is needed, it will provide you with the highest quality application services at any time.

Solar lighting system charging method

The charging method is very convenient. Choose a place where the sun has been exposed for a long time and strong light, and put the solar panel directly under the sun to charge the solar battery for energy storage. If the mobile phone is used for emergency charging outdoors during the day, you can also use the solar panel in a well-lit location to directly use solar power to charge the mobile phone. It can be used as an energy storage system or it can be used anytime, anywhere.

Is it necessary to install a solar lighting system?

do not want. All structures of the solar lighting system have been integrated. When charging, just connect the solar panel to the charging port.

Is the solar lighting system waterproof?

can not. Although the solar panel is waterproof, the entire solar lighting system is not waterproof, because all electricity is emitted from the solar energy box, whether it is the USB port, bulb connection port, or output audio, it is not waterproof. Once water enters, these interfaces may be damaged, and even dangerous accidents may occur during use.

Does the solar lighting system need maintenance?

do not want. But in order to improve its charging efficiency, it is best to keep the solar panels in a clean and quiet state. As long as it is kept in a clean environment during use, there is no need for maintenance. Only in this way can the service life of the solar lighting system be longer.

How long is the life of the solar lighting system?

The life of solar panels is 25 years, the life of solar lithium batteries is 10 years, and the life of light bulbs is 5 years. but, the solar lighting system provided by our WHC comes with a one-year warranty.

What are the advantages of solar lighting systems?

First of all: the solar kit is very convenient to use. This is also our solar lighting system, because it is very portable and loved by many users.

Second: Off-grid work, Use solar clean energy to save household electricity bills. Or it will bring them better lighting applications in areas with insufficient power.

Third: The manufacturer introduces, the price is favorable, the delivery is fast.

Fourth: Whether it is price or quality, it can bring many benefits to the users who buy. In household applications, it solves the needs of night lighting or small pleasures in life. Commercial applications can help local distributors bring wealth. Of course, regardless of the application, the solar system will help all buyers. Solve the needs of various application areas.

How to choose the right solar lighting system?

Each different solar lighting system has different characteristics and advantages. The choice of solar lighting system is based on your own needs or purchase. Please remember the following important tips to help you choose the best solar lighting system.

Brand selection

Many brands basically sell their products on the Internet. What it does is that brands that find professional solutions can choose to buy. The brand not only guarantees the quality, but also has the advantage of preferential price. If it is purchased in large quantities, the price will be more favorable.

View reviews or query business information

See if other users’ purchases are well received. If so, you can choose a merchant for product consultation. Or view whether the business has sufficient reputation in the area, whether the supply capacity is strong, and whether the supply is complete and other issues.

Contact the manufacturer

This is not difficult to understand. If you have already inquired about relevant information. Finally choose WHC SOLAR, you will soon find a suitable solar lighting system! If you are confused about where, you want to clear all the confusion and problems! Then you just need to contact us, we will quickly and perfectly guide you to solve your doubts about buying, and help you choose the solar lighting products that best suit your needs. In order to save your purchase time and trouble, you can now contact WHC SOLAR immediately! You can ask us for a quote based on a suitable budget.

WHC SOLAR Chinese solar factory manufacturer

Our technical team With 13 years of experience proVides professional installation solutions, 36 countries designated brands, and multiple oVerseas Warehouses for inVentory sales. Automated production equipment, complete orders, quality and quantity. For goVernment projects, quality is the first guarantee. Perfect after-sales serVice system. WHC SOLAR has helped a large number of customers in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia to become rich.If you need detailed prices, datasheet, please contact us: serVice@Whcsolar.com

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Does all the aboVe information sound attractiVe? Yes, noW you only need to Write an email to us or consult our official Website to get professional adVise based on your budget and area. You Will get the best solar lighting system from WHC SOLAR. So, What are you Waiting for? Contact us as soon as possible to get your successful business methods and solar energy solutions to help you make more money in the solar energy industry and become the best successful person!

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