How important is it to buy a good solar panel pump!

solar submersible pump

How much do you know about solar panel pumps?

Solar panel water pump is a water pump that uses solar energy to provide electricity and direct current. Solar panel water pumps are generally submersible, and their working methods are similar to other traditional water pumps, except that their power source is clean and renewable energy. It is suitable for households, but also for irrigation and livestock applications. And these have the advantage of lower cost, which can be purchased and used by every household.

Advantages and disadvantages of solar panel pumps

Like all renewable energy products and equipment, solar panel water pumps have some advantages and disadvantages.

the advantages of solar panel pumps include

They are 100% clean and ecological, so they do not leave any type of residue or pollutants. As long as solar energy is effective, it is an inexhaustible renewable energy source. In this way, water pump submersible operations can be carried out in places where there is no power grid or where the power grid is insufficient.

The disadvantages of solar panel pumps include

The disadvantages are obvious. As with all solar product equipment, their capabilities and performance are limited to the energy they can collect from the sun. This kind of pump is inconvenient to use in cloudy and dark nights, but under ideal solar radiation conditions, the pump will have excellent performance and efficiency.

Different types of solar panel water pumps

If the daily water demand of irrigated crops exceeds 4500 liters, it is strongly recommended to use solar submersible pumps. Because these pumps pump a large amount of water, on the other hand, if the farm does not need to pump so much water, it can be allocated to the livestock to irrigate the pasture, or it can be pumped as needed. Large lift and large flow are more helpful in all aspects of life.

Our WHC 1500-110-135-4DPC solar panel water pump

WHC 1500-110-135-4DPC submersible solar panel water pump is the best in terms of power and accessories. The motor power is up to 1500W, and it also comes with an MPPT controller. The brushless DC synchronous motor protects your machine better and reduces the consumption of solar panels. Bring better work efficiency.

Moreover, the entire solar water pump is easy to control, small in size, and can be used normally in high temperature environments. Low noise, long service life and reliability are their characteristics. It is the first choice for families and farms.

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