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Comprehensive Guide to Solar Power System

What is a solar power system?

The solar power generation system utilizes the principle of the photovoltaic panel effect, and uses solar cells to directly convert sunlight energy into electrical energy to realize load work.

How does the solar power system work?

When sunlight hits the solar panel, the energy from the sunlight is absorbed and charged by the solar cells in the solar panel. The battery will collect energy and convert it into direct current (DC) energy. The solar inverter device converts direct current into output alternating current (AC). AC power will be used for household appliances or all other machines that use power.

What are the components of the solar system?

Simply put, the four components of the solar power system are: the use of solar energy (PV) panels to generate direct current-through the solar controller-connected to the solar cell-and then through the solar inverter to generate alternating current-the alternating current can carry any Electrical appliances.

solar power system

What are the characteristics of solar system components?

Solar panel: The low light effect is good, the higher the conversion efficiency, the better the low light performance. Maximum tracking of solar energy. Ensure the stability and durability of the output power supply. The unique technology makes the solar panel sturdy and durable, so there is no need to worry about damage even in bad weather.

Solar controller: It is the brain of the entire solar system. If the current generated by the solar panel is directly charged into the solar cell or directly provided to the load, it is easy to damage the solar cell and the load, and reduce the service life of the battery. Therefore, the solar controller will protect the battery from charging, discharging, overvoltage and overcurrent. Effectively make the solar power supply system safer, more stable and more durable.

Solar battery: In solar power generation systems, solar battery are mainly used for energy storage and discharge. The main features are maintenance-free, no manual maintenance, deep circulation, zero pollution, long service life, etc.

Solar inverter: The inverter not only has the functions of DC conversion and AC conversion, but also has the function of maximizing the performance of solar cells and the function of system failure protection. When outputting AC current, it has short-circuit protection, overheating, overload protection and other characteristics.

What are the advantages of solar power generation systems?

1. Solar energy is an infinite energy source. It is an inexhaustible new energy source. As long as our sun is still there, solar power generation systems can be used.
2. The solar power generation system does not produce any pollution. It is a low-emission, green and renewable energy source, which can help our earth realize a green and beautiful planet.
3. The solar power generation system is reliable. Because it eliminates the trouble of installing the utility power, and realizes the off-grid work. In the event of a power outage, lack of power, or failure of the mains power supply, the solar power generation system can provide electricity.
4. The entire solar power generation system is noise-free, and there is no need to worry about noise during use. This is also the result of solar technology innovation.
5. The economy of solar power generation. From the perspective of long-term investment, solar power generation systems are the most economical for users, saving many users a lot of high electricity bills.
6. In fact, the solar power generation system can help most areas without electricity and insufficient power supply, so that people in these areas can also realize the freedom of electricity. And provide more entrepreneurial and employment opportunities to help them get the money or electricity they need.

Where is the solar power system used?


For every family, the solar power system can not only avoid expensive electricity bills, but also provide enough electricity for various important household appliances in the event of a power outage. Let the family members not feel powerless because of no electricity.


In many suburbs, users there cannot use electricity. When they can't use electricity, life will lose a lot of fun. Therefore, the solar power system is also the best choice for suburban residents.


If you want to make money using solar energy systems, this is also the best entrepreneurial opportunity today. Just looking for the right brand and high-quality products can help you get business and money.

In fact, the use of solar power generation systems is very wide, not just the above three points, such as industry, farms, government projects and so on. As long as you are willing to invest, you can get it at any time.

What are the safety regulations for solar power generation systems?

The solar power generation system may seem simple, but if incorrect operation occurs during installation or use, it will be very dangerous to use.

Certain mandatory precautions should be taken when using solar systems:

▼heck whether the equipment is damaged during transportation, such as damage or missing parts, do not turn on the machine, and notify the Operators and distributors
▼Installation equipment should be operated by professionals or local distributors
▼Appropriate protective measures should be taken for transportation equipment; prevent the equipment from falling from a height and causing unnecessary damage
▼Do not expose the system to humid, flammable, explosive or dusty places
▼Cannot use low-power systems to load high-power machinery and equipment
▼Low-power solar panels cannot be used to charge high-power systems
▼In the event of a dangerous accident, turn off the power in time to avoid dangerous situations
▼Charge in time to ensure timely power supply next time

How long is the service life of the solar power system?

For off-grid solar power systems, the entire solar energy system usage does not have an accurate service life. Let's take a look at the entire solar power system. For example, the service life of solar panels is 25 years, and the service life of solar cells depends on the configuration of different types of batteries. If it is a lead-acid battery, the service life is 3 years, the gel battery is 5 years, and the lithium battery is 10 years. There are also solar inverters and solar controllers with a service life of more than 8 years. So this is the reason why the solar power generation system cannot guarantee the service life uniformly. But their unified guarantee is that our WHC SOLAR solar power system provides a 3-year warranty.

How many kilowatts does the solar power system have?

WHC has a variety of different power solar generator systems: 12V 300W, 12V 500W, 12V 1000W, 24V 1500W, 24V 3500W, 48V 3500W, 48V 3500W, 48V 4000W, 48V 5500W, 48V 6000W, 192V 10kW, 192V 20kW, 384V 30kW, 384V 50kW, 384V 120KW, 384V 150kw, 384V 200kw, 384V 300kw, 384V 400kw. Provide a variety of solar power generation systems, so that more options for purchase. If you want to customize a solar system solution, WHC engineers will provide you with the best solution. If you need to customize your personal solar system solution, come contact us: service@whcsolar.com

Which solar power system is best for me?

Although there are many types of solar power systems we provide, you still have to choose solar power systems based on the power of your household appliances. If you only want to Load ordinary lights, mobile phone charging, power converters, refrigerators, fans, TVs and other low-power electrical appliances, 500w to 4000w solar power system is best for you. Then you want to load high-power electrical appliances such as induction cooker, microwave oven, oven, air conditioner, etc. Solar power generation system from 5500w to 6000w is also very suitable for you. If you want to Load the above appliances at the same time, 10kw to 50kw is the best configuration system. Therefore, if you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us.

Is the solar power system safe to use?

The solar power system is safe to use. But the only requirement is to take all the precautions mentioned in the user manual and follow the exact steps. It should be fully complied with within the scope of use specified by the solar power generation system. In addition, you must ensure that children in the installation home cannot reach them. Avoid dangerous accidents.

What factors need to be considered when choosing a solar power system?

There are countless solar power systems in the solar market, so there is a wide range of options available. So what factors should be considered?

1. Load power
Each solar power system has a specific area of ​​use. If you use electrical appliances or a large range, you must choose a large-capacity, high-power solar power system. Therefore, you should have a complete understanding of the load range and power size. This will help you make a more suitable solar generator choice.

2. Budget
Another consideration in choosing a solar system is budget and estimation. According to your spending limit, choose a different system configuration. The price of small solar systems is low, and the price of large solar systems is high. Therefore, budget is an important factor in completing the purchase.

brand guarantee
Because of the brand guarantee, whether it is product quality or after-sales service, it can make people feel at ease. So no matter what solar products you buy, choosing a brand is very important.

WHC SOLAR Chinese solar factory manufacturer

Our technical team with 13 years of experience provides professional installation solutions, 36 countries designated brands, and multiple overseas warehouses for inventory sales. Automated production equipment, complete orders, quality and quantity. For government projects, quality is the first guarantee. Perfect after-sales service system. WHC SOLAR has helped a large number of customers in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia to become rich.If you need detailed prices, datasheet, please contact us.

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