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What is WHC ?




WHC represents a Wonderful organization, full of Hope, and likes to Challenge.

Bring real useful solar products to all human beings.

WHC MISSION: Let the world not lack of electricity.


1.To be the NO.1 PV Brand in Africa.

2.To Achieve 20 Employees Buying Houses and Cars Before 2026.

WHC VALUE:   Morality, Diligence,Responsibility, Innovation, Imagination, Perseverance.

whc solar


1. Designated brand in 36 countries.
2. 3 new products lead the market every year.
3. Oversea warehouse stocks selling.
4. 9 product design patents, regional market protection.
5. 13-years experience technical team with the professional installation solution.
6. Automatic production equipments, complete the order with quality and quantity guarantee.
7. Used for government's projects, quality first guarantee.
8. Perfect after-sales service system.

WHC SOLAR Has Helped Plenty African Customers Geting Rich,Show Them How to Use Solar Power Systems Correctly, We Are Here, Where Are You?

We Truly Believe in:

whc solar
whc solar

13 Years Experience Solution Reduce Your Electricity Costs!

1>WHC SOLAR focuses on the one-stop service of production design, sales and after-sales of solar power generation projects.

2> WHC SOLAR has many certifications from authoritative organizations, and also has multiple design patent certificates.

3>WHC SOLAR 13 years of solar engineering experience, worthy of your trust, worry-free after-sales.

whc solar
whc solar

Professional Equipment, Create High-quality Products.

1> Tailor-made production machinery and equipment to ensure stable production of products.

2> Elite team, follow up design, production and after-sales throughout the process.

3> According to your needs, configure a more cost-effective solar power system.

whc solar factory
whc solar

Choose WHC SOLAR, Let You Free Electricity

1>WHC SOLAR lets you say goodbye to the troubles of darkness, no electricity, and hot.

2>Expensive electricity bills are no longer an excuse for running out of electricity.

3>New energy, green and pollution-free.

whc solar

Explosive Production, Long Service Life.

1>Senior engineer tailored to your needs, quality assurance, no after-sales troubles.

2>All materials used in production engineering are from regular manufacturers, so use it with confidence

3>Automation, information, intelligence, and flexibility" in a smart interconnected factory, using intelligent control throughout the process.

whc solar

Housekeeping Service System,Focus On Solving Your Doubts.

1>Pre-sale: answer all your questions about the product.

2>On sale: integrity trading, one-to-one service.

3>After-sales: Exclusively responsible for your after-sales issues.

whc solar

WHC SOLAR Certificate

The company's management policy is: "quality first, customer satisfaction", the entrepreneurial spirit is: "honest, trustworthy, win-win". In the era of fierce market competition, the company to customer-centric, market-oriented, in good faith for the brand, in product development, manufacturing processes, production equipment, and always keep pace with the world's advanced technology, always committed to providing customers with the best quality Of the products and the most modern services. Welcome you at any time to contact us, we will strive to serve you!

whc solar certificate

Solar Street Light Producing

Night sensor + Microwave motion sensor+ Remote control. Elegant Integrated Design,Aluminum alloy case.

Elegant Integrated Design, Aluminum Alloy case. Support 3 nights after full charging. Easy to install and Auto on/off/sensor.

solar street light

WHC sOLAR 24V 120AH Gel Battery Features

First 24V Single Independent Mold.
Long Service Life.
Rugged Construction.
Rugged Construction.

WHC SOLAR Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter

WHC Solar Power Frequency Pure Sine Wave Combined Inverter & Charger (1-6KW):Quiet, High Efficiency Operation.

Selectable Settings For Flooded Lead Acid, Gel, Absorbed Glass Mat (Agm) Batteries.main For Home And Office Appliance.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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