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What solar batteries does WHC have?

Our WHC has solar gel batteries, solar lithium batteries, solar lead-acid batteries, OPZS batteries and OPZV batteries. Provide 2V 4V 6V 12V 24V 48V 96V 120V 180V 192V 240V 360V 384V, 4AH to 3000AH power options. But what is the difference between them?

First of all, we first know why there are solar battery?

Due to our current overexploitation of earth resources, carbon dioxide pollution, changes in global climate conditions, etc. we are slowly threatening the living environment of mankind. However, with the advancement of science and technology, we are gradually working hard to save our living environment. Therefore, our solar energy is one of the contemporary technologies to save the earth's environment. Solar energy can reduce the carbon dioxide in our lives and directly use the unlimited energy of the sun to provide us with electricity. Gel solar battery are one of the important components of solar energy. It is a storage of clean energy that releases solar energy when it is used to provide us with green energy. Solar batteries are also the best way to power people in poor, no electricity or remote areas. Save power and worry, no longer have to worry about running out of power.

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What is solar gel battery?

Solar gel battery is a kind of sealed valve control (VRLA) battery + gel electrolyte battery technology. It is a battery used for solar energy storage. There is no liquid inside the gel battery, and the electrolyte is in the form of a gel, which maintains a solid state between the positive and negative plates inside the battery. They are all gel batteries used in solar products or systems. It is a branch of the application of colloidal batteries.

What is solar lithium battery?

Lithium-ion solar battery are rechargeable batteries. Although lithium is the main component of batteries, there are other manufacturing components: graphite, cobalt, and nickel. Solar lithium battery have a longer service life. Due to its deep cycle characteristics, its working time is also very efficient, and solar lithium batteries are also more popular.

What is solar lead-acid battery?

The solar lead-acid battery is also a rechargeable solar battery, its main component is to use the chemical reaction between lead, water and sulfuric acid to store electrical energy. If you want to store energy from a solar array, solar lead-acid batteries may be a good choice.

What is OPzV battery?

The OPzV series battery has a tubular positive plate and a gel electrolyte. It also has the advantages of maintenance-free valve-controlled battery and open battery cycle life. OPzV batteries are very suitable for users who need long service life and maintenance-free operation. It is a maintenance-free variant of OPzS.

What is OPzS battery?

OPZS They contain a liquid electrolyte usually composed of dilute sulfuric acid. It is flooded type of tubular-plated, lead-acid, deep-cycle battery. These batteries usually have a battery voltage of 2 volts and are connected in series to generate a higher voltage. OPzS batteries They are also commonly referred to as traction batteries. A variant of these types of batteries is called OPzV.

Solar gel battery vs solar lead-acid battery

As mentioned above, solar gel battery use a special type of silica gel to hold the electrolyte together. In addition, the materials used in lead-acid batteries are water and sulfuric acid. Different materials will also lead to different service life between them. The solar gel has a service life of 5-6 years and a warranty of 3 years. The service life of the solar lead-acid battery is 3-5 years, and the warranty period is one year. However, both solar lead-acid batteries and solar gel batteries have built-in AGM gaskets, which are special glass gaskets made of thin glass fibers. This is to absorb the electrolyte between the battery plates and ensure that the electrolyte of gel batteries and lead-acid batteries will not leak.

Solar lithium battery vs solar lead-acid battery

Raw materials for solar lithium battery manufacturing: lithium, graphite, cobalt, nickel. This also leads to longer service life of solar lithium batteries than solar lead-acid batteries. The solar lithium battery has a service life of up to 10 years and a warranty of 5 years.

WHC solar lithium battery VS other solar lithium battery

The biggest difference between our solar lithium batteries is our 12.6v, 25.6v, and 51.2v batteries. 12V, 24V and 48V batteries on the market. This proves that our solar lithium battery is safer, more efficient and superior in load capacity than other solar batteries. This is also the biggest advantage of our solar lithium battery.

OPzS battery vs OPzV battery

OPzS batteries require less maintenance, while OPzV batteries do not require maintenance. This is their biggest difference. And their deep cycle will be different, OPzV is also longer than OPzS deep cycle.

WHC solar battery vs ordinary solar battery

There is a big difference. First of all, our solar batterys are brand-guaranteed, to ensure that each battery has been strictly inspected and tested by our factory before it can be sold. And do not make any false or deceptive labels, and will not label low power as high power to deceive customers. However, some merchants on the market will forge power and capacity, resulting in extremely poor results for many users, and cannot guarantee the safety of the product. But our WHC will not. We must ensure that each solar battery is of high quality, high efficiency and sufficient capacity. This is the difference between our WHC solar batterys and ordinary solar batterys. So when buying solar batterys, you must see the importance of choosing a brand.

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How to choose these solar battery?

Each of these types of solar batteryls has advantages and disadvantages. Solar lead-acid batteries are inexpensive and their service life is shortened accordingly. The price of solar colloidal batteries is medium, and the service life is medium. Solar lithium batteries have a long service life, and the price will be higher than gel batteries and lead-acid batteries. OPzV and OPzs have large capacities, which are especially suitable for industrial or large-scale energy storage systems. But you can buy according to your own needs, and choose the solar batteryl that you think is most helpful to your solar system!

Durability and reliability of WHC SOLAR solar battery

Our design and production team ensures the durability of all our solar battery products. When using solar battery, you won't encounter any maintenance costs and realize the maintenance-free function.
The entire solar battery is made of durable casing and components, and the valve-controlled sealed type can be safely used in subsequent use. Provide very reliable availability.

Solar battery provide the best environment for use

When you have a power outage or a blackout, imagine that in that environment, only you can create a comfortable living atmosphere for you, without worrying about power issues! What a great thing. Of course, the solar battery is also available at any time, as long as it is fully charged, it will provide you with electricity at any time.

Solar battery use and operation safety

Your safety is our main task. Our solar battery and operation are completely safe. After long-term use, there will be no electrolyte leakage. The built-in AGM spacer cotton effectively reflects the leak-proof characteristics.

The hard shell design also protects the solar battery more effectively, and they are not easily damaged if they are accidentally touched or dropped. Of course, there is no guarantee that the battery will be intact when subjected to a supergravity attack. Therefore, we must also avoid them being attacked by gravity in our daily lives.

Safe and environmentally friendly use of solar battery

You can install it for indoor use. Made of durable high-quality materials, no acid mist gas, no electrolyte overflow during the use of solar battery, and no elements harmful to the human body. It is non-toxic and pollution-free, and better protects people's health and the global environment.

Where can I use deep-cycle solar batteries?

Here are some places where solar batteries can be conveniently used
Such as: solar energy storage system, off-grid solar power generation system, power station automatic control system can also be used in industry, commerce, agriculture, communications, household appliances and public facilities and other fields. And the solar battery has a long service life, with a service life of more than 5 years!

Different types of solar lead-acid batteries

Solar lead-acid batteries are: 12v 65ah battery, 12v 100 battery, 12v 150 battery, 12v 200ah battery.

Different types of solar gel batteries

We have different types of solar gel batteries to meet your needs. There are 12v 7ah battery, 12v 12ah battery, 12v 17ah battery, 12v 24ah battery, 12v 40ah battery, 12v 65ah battery, 12v 80ah battery, 12v 100 battery, 12v 150 battery, 12v 4ah battery, 12v 40ah battery, 12v 65ah battery, 12v 80ah battery, 12v 100 battery, 12v 150 battery, 200ah battery and our 24v120ah battery.

Different types of solar lithium batteries

Solar lithium batteries include: 12.8v 100 battery, 12.8v 200 battery, 25.6v 100ah battery, 25.6v 200ah battery, 51.2v 100ah battery, 51.2v 200ah battery.

Different types of solar OPzV batteries

Solar OPzV battery includes: 2v 200 battery, 250 battery, 300ah battery, 350ah battery, 420ah battery, 500ah battery, 600ah battery, 770ah battery, 800ah battery, 1000ah battery, 1200ah battery, 1500ah battery, 2000ah battery, 2500ah battery, 3000ah battery.

Different types of solar OPzS batteries

Solar OPzS battery includes: 2v 200 battery, 250 battery, 300ah battery, 350ah battery, 420ah battery, 500ah battery, 600ah battery, 770ah battery, 800ah battery, 1000ah battery, 1200ah battery, 1500ah battery, 2000ah battery, 2500ah battery, 3000ah battery.

How to use solar battery?

The use of solar battery is very simple. Solar panels absorb sunlight, convert light energy into electrical energy, store it in the battery, and then convert direct current and direct current into alternating current through an inverter, so that your home has electricity. Home appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, TVs, etc. can be used when powered on. It is very simple and easy to use. Just plug in your home appliance and use it! When everything is ready, sit back and enjoy the solar energy, because this is what you deserve.

What safety measures should be paid attention to when using solar battery, and which operations will reduce the life span?

When using our solar battery, the safety of use is the first and the quality of the products is the second. Then you must pay attention to the following points! Avoid dangerous accidents!
1. Do not use low-power solar panels to charge high-power batteries
2. Do not use city power and square wave inverter to charge
3. Don't use different batteries, different companies, or even produce at the same time
4. Do not charge with battery cables of different sizes and lengths
The above points are not allowed to operate, so as to avoid the danger of spontaneous combustion and explosion of the battery. It can also prevent the battery life from being greatly reduced. If you want to change other configurations, you must consult a professional!

How do know that the solar battery is broken?

In fact, we have some simple methods to judge whether the battery is broken or not by observation. There are several things to check, such as whether the terminals are damaged. If the terminals are damaged or loose, it is dangerous and may cause a short circuit. Whether the shell is raised, cracked or broken. And whether the battery leaks too much or is discolored. If you have the above points, please replace the solar battery immediately to ensure safe use.

How to maintain the solar battery?

Every solar battery needs good and proper maintenance to ensure durability, even if they are maintenance-free. Therefore, if you buy solar battery, you should protect them. In addition to the above inoperable methods, you can also clean and observe regularly. See if there are other issues that will reduce the safety and life of the battery to minimize damage.

Packaging and transportation of solar batteries.

Our company guarantees that you can obtain solar batteries in good condition during purchase and delivery. Because we take the best protection measures for repackaging to ensure maximum protection during transportation and avoid unavoidable damage to the battery during transportation.

WHC SOLAR Chinese solar factory manufacturer

Our technical team with 13 years of experience provides professional installation solutions, 36 countries designated brands, and multiple overseas warehouses for inventory sales. Automated production equipment, complete orders, quality and quantity. For government projects, quality is the first guarantee. Perfect after-sales service system. WHC SOLAR has helped a large number of customers in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia to become rich.If you need detailed prices, datasheet, please contact us: service@whcsolar.com

NOW, WHC SOLAR SINCERELY RECRUITS GLOBAL AGENTS. JOJIN US! Let Us Work Together to Achieve a Win-Win Situation and Move Towards a Future of Success and Wealth. Identify WHC Quality, Identify WHC brand!

Does all the above information sound attractive? Yes, now you only need to write an email to us or consult our official website to get professional advise based on your budget and area. You will get the best solar battery from WHC SOLAR. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us as soon as possible to get your successful business methods and solar energy solutions to help you make more money in the solar energy industry and become the best successful person!

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