Where Is The Best 300W Inverter?

dc to ac converter

What is a plug-in 300W inverter?

ST - 300W is a full power socket 300W inverter. It is a dc to ac modified sine wave power inverter that uses batteries to convert direct current to alternating current, and its peak power can reach 600W. With high conversion and intelligent soft start function. Through multiple overvoltage protection and detection, to ensure that each application equipment not only runs smoothly, but is also safe to use. For users who use it at home or self-driving on business trips, this is a very worthwhile choice.

Wiring method of WHC SOLAR 300w inverter

The connection method is very simple. All 12V batteries can be used directly by connecting the positive and negative wires. Of course, the most important prerequisite is that the battery must exceed 12v. Whether it is solar cells or other types of batteries. It has a variety of sockets for different applications, simple to operate, plug and play.

Features and advantages of our WHC ST - 300w inverter

1. Full power 300W socket inverter, peak power up to 600W
2. Smart, light, portable, noiseless
3. Designed for home use and travel users
4. Universal Socket, suitable for all kinds of plugs
5. High conversion, intelligent soft start function, multiple safety protection
6. Power frequency correction wave 12V DC to 220V AC
7. Simple operation, suitable for all kinds of 12V batteries
8. Factory direct sales, everyone can afford
9. Long service life, 1 year warranty, 10 years service life
10. Excellent reputation, achieve zero negative reviews

Multifunctional application of 300w inverter

The ST - 300w inverter can be connected to the sockets of many different household appliances. For example: tablet computers, laptops, electric lights, TV fans, hair dryers, etc. There are also two USB ports, which can quickly charge different smartphones.

WHC Solar

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