Do You Know About Solar Surface Water Pumps?

What is a solar surface pump and why is there it?

Solar surface water pump is an innovation of modern technology, based on the unrealistic use of old traditional water pumps in all aspects of solar water pumps. For example, connecting a traditional power grid to a water pump will result in extremely unstable operation of the water pump in an area with unstable power supply, thereby affecting the entire pumping process of the water pump. In addition, the operating cost of fuel water pumps continues to increase, and frequent manual maintenance is also required. The loading process requires high cost and labor. Therefore, solar surface water pumps are now the most suitable for current user needs. It can provide solar power generation efficiently, without worrying about the bad problems of traditional water pumps, and serve users more efficiently!

The working principle of solar ground pump

main power comes from the energy work of solar panels, which realizes the off-grid maintenance-free working state and saves operating costs. When the solar ground pump is running, it can pump water from ponds, lakes and shallow water areas directly to the water source you need through the pumping pipe. It provides users with a convenient water supply environment, minimizes the user's use cost, maximizes the pumping efficiency, and brings huge results and impacts to the users.

WHC 500-48-14-15LP Solar Surface Water Pump

The solar surface water pump system kit has a motor power of 500w, a maximum head of 14m, a maximum flow of 15000L per hour, matching high-efficiency 8PCS*120W low-power monocrystalline solar panels and a 48V 15A MPPT controller to achieve overload protection. Solar pumps are widely used, such as rivers, Lakes, swimming pools, irrigation, ponds, streams, pastures, etc.

Advantages of WHC 500-48-14-15LP Solar Ground Pump

entire solar water pump has good anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects, easy installation, high efficiency, and good maintenance-free performance, ensuring that the solar water pump has low noise and long service life during use.

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