300w Solar System Generator Home Portable by WHC SK1226

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What is a solar system generator?

solar system generator can refer to any power generation system powered by solar energy. It is an energy storage system and the most commonly used term for solar generators. They can also be called portable power stations or solar systems, which are portable and easy to use. The current new solar system generators can be charged using solar panels and mains charging methods. It can store energy and convert it into power equipment that requires electricity. Once the battery is fully charged, the power source can be powered by the solar generator. At present, most of the solar generators retain our traditional AC power supply, and the new DC and matching USB ports can also load our electronic devices and electrical appliances.

WHC SK1226 300w best portable solar generator kit parts

solar system generators contain the following components:

One: High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon 16V 60W solar panels
Monocrystalline silicon solar panels. This solar panel has the highest conversion efficiency of all light to electricity. It can effectively track the sun and work. The entire solar panel has water-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties. The service life is up to 25 years, and we also provide a 10-year warranty.

Two: Long life 12V 26AH lifepo4 lithium battery
For solar system generators, solar cells may be the most important part of solar generators. The LiFepo4 solar panel we configure has a very durable and stable current output, and also provides a 10-year service life.

Three: best solar PWM charge controller
To avoid overcharging and damage, the solar generator is equipped with a solar PWM charge controller to adjust the input voltage of the solar panel. The PWM charge controller is to maximize the life and efficiency of the solar system generator.

Four: Fast charge adapter:
15V 5000mA adapter, convenient for mains charging, safe and secure, Make the whole charging process more convenient and faster.

Five: 300W solar pure sine wave inverter
Solar inverters are necessary when household electronic equipment is required to use AC energy supply. When deciding which equipment the solar generator can supply power to, it is clearer to know the continuous power and surge rating of the inverter. Make the use process more secure.

Six: Multi-action function USB charger and output:
Four-in-one charging cable fast charging 3.5A*1pcs+2A*2pcsUSB charger, which can charge different types of fast mobile phones. It can also charge Ipad, Mp4, flashlight, etc., and the USB output can automatically play the music in the U disk. The operation is very simple.

Seven: Equipped with E27 LED DC cable bulb
12V5W 4*PCS 5M long-line high-lumen LED bulbs are suitable for indoor lighting, reading, outdoor lighting, power outages, camping, areas without electricity, etc. Each time it can be used for up to 10 hours.

Eight: Emergency LED light
Emergency LED lights provide the best emergency lighting safety function, 5W high brightness lighting.

Nine: 220v 300w AC power output port
The output port can load the TV, fan, and hair dryer with a very stable current output, bringing fun and coolness to your life.

Ten: Automatic cooling fan
The solar system generator adopts new technology aluminum alloy heat sink, which has good energy-saving and heat-dissipating performance. It can automatically dissipate heat when the appliance is loaded, making the use process safer.

Eleven: Solar system display
Our best solar system generator has a display screen that can report and display everything that happens inside the system. Monitor the load process of the solar generator and know the remaining power of the battery at any time. It can charge the solar system in time.

Application of solar generator:

1. Household backup power solar system
2. Camping and picnic
3. Motorhome holidays and excursions
4. Disaster relief, power outage emergencies, etc.

Let home solar system generators start smart life

The ultimate goal of the best home solar power system motor is to use the advancement of science and technology to enable people to realize the use of green and renewable energy. Household solar generator sets are relatively quiet, clean, and user-friendly, so this makes solar generator sets can help users save time and money. It also allows users to experience a new era of intelligence.

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