WHC SK1212 Best Home Multifunctional Solar System Kit

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A Complete home solar system kit

WHC Solar specializes in providing complete solar panel systems and backup power kits for homes, businesses, ships, RVs and industries. Each of our solar panel systems can meet your exact needs in life.

Which solar system kit is right for me?

If your daily needs are: fast charging of mobile phones, night lighting, emergency lighting, music and radio listening, WHC-SK1212 home solar system kit can provide you with the rigid needs in your daily life.

What is the working principle of the SK1212 solar system kit?

To put it simply, we put the solar cell in the sun, and then the sun will be converted into direct current to charge the solar system battery. Once the solar battery is fully charged, it can be powered by a DC power supply, Load usage.

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What does the SK1212 solar kit contain?

One: High-quality polysilicon solar panels, power up to 16V 20W, faster charging time (depending on the weather and season).
Two: Built-in ultra-durable A+ grade high-quality lithium-ion battery, which can achieve 100% discharge, 10-year long-life lithium-ion battery, and the number of deep cycles reaches 300-500 times.
Three: pwm controller Intelligent controller, which coordinates the work of solar panels, storage batteries and loads, is one of the core components of the entire solar system product.
Four: equipped with 12V5W 4*PCS 5M long-line high-lumen LED bulbs, which can be used for indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, camping, areas without electricity, etc., each can last up to 10 hours.

Five: Portable LED lights provide the best outdoor lighting safety function at night, and can also be used as the best choice for emergency lights. The working time is up to 6 hours.
Six: Four-in-one charging cable USB mobile phone charger can charge four different types of fast mobile phones. It can also charge Ipad, Mp4, etc., and the USB output port can also be inserted into a U disk to automatically play the music operations in the U disk.
Seven: High-definition audio output. When you connect a Bluetooth wireless MP3 music player, there are two super high-quality speakers on the left and right sides of the product. High-quality sound quality can bring you comfort and pleasure. Enjoy the wonderful music melody.
Eight: Thousands of FM radio channel functions can provide you with smart online listening to your favorite radio station, and receive news reports, entertainment news, financial news or technology news channels in real time. Make life more interesting.

We have the best solar system for sale

WHC Solar also solemnly promises you that every solar system product we sell has been tested and inspected many times to ensure that every product can be displayed to every user with the highest quality solar system. And the high-quality service makes you buy more favorable and more convenient, the factory direct sales you are trustworthy!

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