WHC Solar 2400 1500w solar battery generator home energy

WHC Solar 2400 1500w smart home solar battery power system

WHC SOLAR 2400 1500w solar battery generator. We have built a smart solar battery power generation system for each family, and create an efficient and reliable solar battery power generation system to provide loads for the electrical equipment in the home, such as: air conditioners, fans, refrigerators, lights, mobile phones, etc. All power sources are plug and play. , The operation method is very simple.

Best off-grid solar battery generator

If the main grid fails or loses power. You can use off-grid solar battery generators for load transfer and output load work. Regardless of the hardware and software configuration, our entire solar battery generator product design is very high-quality.
There are 2pcs 330w monocrystalline silicon solar panels, which have good anti-rust, anti-corrosion and waterproof durability. The service life is 25 years and the warranty period is 10 years.

● maintenance-free deep-cycle 24V 120ah solar gel battery is removable and has a long service life.The entire battery life is 5-10 years. Provides a 3-year battery warranty.

●24v 60a mppt solar charge controller, maximizes the service life and efficiency of solar generators.

●1500w solar pure sine wave inverter, realizes dc 24v to ac 220v, AC power output port is 220v 50/60 HZ.

●5V and 12V USB output, 5V DC power USB output port can quickly charge different mobile phones, safe and fast. 12V DC output port, used for 12VIpad, hair dryer, etc.

●The air-cooled heat dissipation system has a good heat dissipation system, which is safer during use.

● solar system generator has a display screen that can display everything that happens inside the system. Monitor the load process and working mode of the solar generator, and know the remaining power of the battery at any time.

●mains charging adapter can be used to facilitate mains charging and make the whole mains charging process more convenient and faster.

●The bottom of the solar battery generator adopts a pulley design, which is not restricted by a fixed space and can be moved anytime and anywhere, making the whole process more convenient.

One. Disadvantages of solar battery generators

▶It will be affected by weather changes. There are differences in power generation in different periods, and the weather conditions are different every day. Because solar panels rely on sunlight, it slows down the charging speed of solar battery generators on rainy and cloudy days.

▶Don't overload during use. When the solar battery generator is overloaded, various problems will occur, which will eventually lead to a greatly reduced service life.

Two. the advantages of solar battery generators

▶Independent power supply, no geographical restrictions, no fuel consumption, no mechanical rotating parts, short construction period, and arbitrary scale.

▶ solar battery generator will not cause environmental pollution, is safe and reliable, no noise, environmentally friendly and beautiful, low failure rate and long life.

▶entire product is easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to move, and low engineering installation costs. There is no need to bury the power cord.

▶Widely used in various electrical appliances, very suitable for households in power-deficient and non-electric areas, as well as household appliances and lighting appliances in villages, farms, islands and other places.

▶It is permanent. As long as the sun exists, solar energy can be used.

We are doing a good job selling solar battery generators

We at WHC Solar have created a highly professional and high-quality solar battery generator storage system through new technological innovation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve the problem with the fastest and best service. Your buying process is faster and more convenient. Let solar intelligence give you a happy life.

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