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Do you know the solar panel power generation system?

The solar panel generator system is used to provide backup power during power outages. However, there are still many solar panel generator systems in the solar market. They do not have enough power to start power-hungry air conditioners, or they have enough power to store electrical loads at home for more than a few hours. At this time, we will be entangled in what kind of solar generator set is most suitable for us.

best features of solar panel generators

Now, WHC Solar has launched a solar 4800 4000w household solar generator system to provide household appliances with greater power and capacity to maximize its backup energy storage potential. It can quickly provide solar energy for your household appliances in the event of a city power outage or emergency.

Convenience of WHC Solar 4800 solar panel generator

basic realization of the solar panel generator does not require installation personnel to operate, which greatly saves the cost of manual installation. The bottom of the solar panel generator is also designed with movable wheels, which can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Quality configuration of solar panel generator set

◆6 pcs 330w monocrystalline silicon solar panels, with good anti-rust, anti-corrosion and waterproof performance. And also has good compressive performance. The service life of the entire solar panel is 25 years, and the warranty period is 10 years.

◆adapter charger, in addition to the solar panel can charge the solar battery, the adapter can also use the city power to charge the generator. So as to realize the multifunctional charging function.

◆ 2 pcs 24V 120ah maintenance-free deep-cycle solar gel batteries are removable and have a long service life. The life span of the entire solar battery is 6-10 years, and the warranty is 3 years.

◆48v 60a mppt solar charge controller, which maximizes the service life and efficiency of the solar panel generator.

◆4000w solar pure sine wave inverter, realizing dc24v to ac220v, AC power output port is 220v 50/60 HZ. It can be loaded with household appliances such as TVs, fans, washing machines, air conditioners, DVDs, electric lights, refrigerators, induction cookers, etc.

◆5V and 12V USB DC output ports, 5V DC power USB output ports can quickly charge mobile phones and Ipads. 12V DC output port, used for 12V fans, lights, hair dryers, etc.

◆With a good heat dissipation system, the solar generator will not generate heat during the operation of the solar power system, and it is safer during the load process.

◆solar generator has a display screen, which can display everything happening inside the system. Monitor the load process and working mode of the generator, and know the remaining power of the solar battery at any time.

◆mains charging adapter can be used to facilitate mains charging and make the whole mains charging process more convenient and quick.

If you have other questions, you can consult us. We will quickly answer your questions and make your purchase process smoother.

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