Have you chosen correct off grid home solar power system?

How much do you know about off grid solar system kits?

The off-grid solar system kit generates enough energy by using solar panels and solar battery storage, so there is no need to connect to the mains grid.If some users live in remote areas and do not provide reliable power supply, off grid solar is a good way to meet the energy needs of your power supply.

However, in the market, the off grid solar system kit is more expensive to configure, which makes it more expensive when sold. For most users considering the price, they will choose to withdraw from the scope of purchase because of the high price. Then, in terms of long-term use, the off-grid solar system kit is a good investment for the family. The energy it brings is not disappointing, and it is a loyal partner of every family who needs solar energy.

WHC 5.5K-800 is more than just an off grid solar system.

WHC 5.5K-800 In addition to charging it with solar panels, it can also be charged by the mains grid. It is a multi functional charging system, which is also one of the advantages of this series of solar systems. Don't worry about whether there is enough stored energy to ensure that the stored energy can be used in time in the event of a power outage when the charging method is uncertain. For users, it can save time, effort and worry during charging and use.

High quality configuration of off grid solar system

When using a solar hybrid inverter, you don’t have to worry about sudden power outages, because our inverter will automatically convert to solar power for you in zero milliseconds, and the built-in 48v 100A controller allows you to connect more solar energy. If users want to run more electrical appliances, they can also add more panels and batteries to improve the load capacity and duration. It is also equipped with 8pcs monocrystalline silicon solar panels and 4pcs12v 200ah maintenance free solar gel cells. The solar panels track solar photons to the maximum, ensuring that the solar gel cells can be fully charged within six hours. At the same time, it is also equipped with a battery cable RV1*35mm² 50cm, which makes charging more convenient and safer.

Basic parameters of an off grid solar home system

Model: 5.5KW solar power system
Application: Home/Commercial
Solar panel type: monocrystalline silicon solar panel
Battery type: 12V 200AH solar gel battery
Controller type: MPPT 48V 100A
Installation type: ground installation, roof installation
Load power (W): 5.5KW
Output frequency: 45 - 65Hz
Monocrystalline solar panel: 330W
Pure sine wave inverter: 5500W

Off grid solar home system load application

The whole set of WHC 5.5K-800 solar power generation systems can be equipped with TV, fan, air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave oven, induction cooker, coffee machine, DVD and other household appliances.

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