Best 24V 120AH solar Gel battery Deep cycle - WHC 120-24

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Should buy solar gel batteries?

As solar battery are also becoming more and more popular. In the solar market, there are many different types of batteries paired with solar panels to store excess energy. For homeowners who have the best solar panels, finding the best solar panels is a wise investment. Solar cells can save consumers the energy produced by solar panels for later use. By investing in solar cells, you can increase energy independence, reduce monthly electricity bills, and increase the efficiency of your solar panel system.

How stable is the type of solar gel battery?

The 24v 120ah solar gel battery has higher capacitance stability throughout its life cycle. The high-rate discharge performance technology brought by the tight assembly technology, and the reliable continuous current output, ensure the safe use of all electrical equipment. The battery duration will increase as the battery pack or a group of batteries work together. Remember, the less energy you consume, the longer it will take solar cells to power your home.

Life protection of solar gel battery.

WHC 24v 120Ah solar gel battery can achieve high cycle charging capacity and longer service life. The solar battery life of this series can be used for 5 to 8 years. But solar gel batteries also need to be taken care of. When you take good care of it, its service life will be better. If you maintain it and protect it from extreme weather conditions, the solar cell will last longer.

Solar gel battery application environment

It is suitable for solar system applications, photovoltaic systems, emergency lighting, household appliances, boats, camping vehicles and many other aspects. Bring more convenience and comfort to your life.

battery for home inverter

24v 120ah Solar gel battery Features:

1. Appearance patent design, a unique 24V blue plate mold in the world
2. High tightness/maintenance-free
3. Long service life, three-year warranty, five-year service life
4. Brass insert terminals and lead terminals improve conductivity
5. Can withstand high current characteristics
6. Sturdy structure, anti-impact, anti-fracture, anti-aging
7. High discharge rate to achieve high cycle stability
8. Gel-like, non-flowing, non-leakage, so that each part of the electrode plate reacts evenly
9. capacity:24v 120ah Solar gel battery

WHC 120-24 24V 120Ah Solar Gel Battery Parameters

Model: WHC 120-24

Terminal type T19/T11

Voltage: 24V

Rated capacity: 120Ah

Capacity (25%C):
10HR(10.8V) 120A
5HR(10.5V) 105Ah
1HR(9.60V) 74.4Ah

Internal resistance (full charge, 25°C) 4 milliohms

Watt/hour: 2880Wh (1440Wh when the depth of discharge is 50%)

Appearance size: 442*344*209.3(mm)

Weight: 64 kg

24v deep cycle battery

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