WHC solar Gel battery 12V 200AH

200ah battery

A 12 V gel battery with a capacity of 200Ah

The Off grid whc 12v 200Ah gel battery is developed to meet the highest requirements for durability and stability. With reliable continuous current output, it ensures the functionality of all electrical consumers. It is ideal for buffering all charging and discharge processes, for example in solar applications.

WHC 12V 200AH Battery

Off grid WHC Gel batteries are also ideal for sports vehicles, boats, campers and emergency power supplies.

Product characteristics

  1. Fully maintenance-free operation
  2. High composite capability in cyclic operations
  3. Very good high-current characteristics.
  4. High cycle stability through robust construction
  5. Location-independent operation
  6. Gel technology is acid-free for stratification
  7. Service life is long over 12 years.
  8. Monthly self-discharge is less than 3%.
  9. Solid housing material against impact, fracture and aging
  10. Design: gel battery, sealed, absolutely maintenance-free

Technical data:

  • Connection: Flat pole M8 connected with screws
  • Voltage: 12 V.
  • Rated capacity: 200 Ah
  • Cold test current: 1,030 EN
  • Discharge: C10 (10.8 V) -200Ah
  • Discharge: C20 (10.8 V) -210Ah
  • Internal resistance: 0.008 ohms
  • Watt / h: 2400Wh (1200 Wh at discharge depth of 50%)
  • Dimensions in mm (long x wide x deep): 522 x 238 x 222mm
  • Weight: 50 kg

Application areas:

Solar applications, camper, construction site lighting, photovoltaic systems, sailing, motor yachts, leisure applications, uninterruptible power UPS

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