Advantages of WHC 200-12 12v 200ah solar gel battery

200ah battery

Further increase the understanding of gel batteries

The WHC SOLAR gel battery series has very low internal resistance, which converts the electrolyte into a gel-like substance that does not leak. The use of high-purity materials and lead-calcium grids means less internal corrosion and efficient current conduction, resulting in greater power and longer service life. Ensure that the battery has a particularly low self-discharge. Therefore, it will not be exhausted if it is not charged for a long time.The load time will be longer during work.
It can also reduce outgassing, prevent overcharging, short circuit protection, etc.,heat generation and thermal runaway. Adopts T19/T11 copper terminal type, especially suitable for high current discharge applications, to ensure the best connection and contact. It is safer to use.

Manufacture a safer and more convenient gel battery

WHC 200-12 12V 200AH energy gel battery is an excellent choice for solar energy storage systems or daily power needs. This battery uses a leak-proof and maintenance-free design. Gel batteries can ensure the use of the environment, there is no need to worry about liquid leakage, this can be said to be the most important thing for gel batteries, you do not need to deal with dangerous and harmful substances. Provides a good battery life.
It is also convenient to use, breaking the previous traditional battery. The WHC gel batteries are easier to move and install than traditional batteries, easier to move and install. Operates better in extreme temperatures. Studies have shown that under extreme temperatures, 12V gel batteries are more durable. Can better withstand shock and vibration. The improvement of new technology makes the battery safer.

200ah battery price

scope of application of solar colloidal battery

solar gel battery are used in industries, commerce, agriculture, communications, household appliances, solar systems, and public facilities, especially in remote areas such as mountains, deserts, islands, and rural areas. So believe WHC builds smart life.

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