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Different 24v 120ah solar battery

Currently in the solar photovoltaic energy market, most solar battery are now 12-volt products. But if you want more watts or capacity now, you can choose our WHC 24V 120AH solar battery. This 24V 120AH solar battery has a larger capacity and a high cost performance. Below I list the capacity parameters of our WHC 200-12 24V 120AH solar battery to let you know the differences between individual battery products on the market and ours.
Capacity: 24V 120AH=12V 240AH=12V 120AH*2PCS=2V 120AH*12PCS
above capacity parameters are the difference between the market and ours, and we also apply for the appearance patent certificate for this product. The appearance of the whole product is unique in the world. It is guaranteed that you can buy genuine products. In addition to this, we also have other different 12V types of battery for you to choose. So choosing us is more worry-free.

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Why is my gel solar battery charging so slow?

difference is that when we choose a higher wattage and capacity, this means that the charging time will be longer, especially when our battery is fully discharged, this is also obvious. Another point is that you cannot use 12V solar panels to charge 24V batteries, but you can use 24V solar panels to charge 12V batteries. To put it simply, the voltage of the photovoltaic module must be equal to or higher than the battery to be charged. If the battery is not properly charged, it will cause damage to the battery. To be more serious, dangerous accidents cannot be avoided.
There are several factors that may lead to it.
First: Maybe your solar battery is okay, but when the solar panel is not enough power. If there is not enough current to charge, the battery will not be able to charge.

Second: weather factors, if there is cloudy or rainy weather, it will take longer. So the weather is constantly changing, so the output will be different. Solar battery charging time will also be affected.

Third: Placement position, if the solar battery panel is not placed in a place where the light source is wide. If the angle is not set correctly, it will directly affect their charging method.
There may be other charging problems, but the above problems will be more common.

solar power battery

How to choose solar battery, WHC 120-24 is more suitable for you

All in all,don't be too impulsive when choosing to buy solar power. We have to understand what the characteristics of solar battery are, what are their advantages, and what are their disadvantages. I have also written in my previous articles, so you can go and read what I wrote before. There are many different kinds of knowledge for your reference.
And our WHC is also a factory direct supplier, the price is very suitable for you, feel free to contact us, we will help you make a suitable solution at the most suitable price. Trust us, we will give you a sunny and green home.

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