Buying a good deep cycle battery is good investment

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Choose solar deep cycle battery, what solar deep cycle battery products suitable you?

If you Choose are still buying a deep cycle battery, before choosing the type of battery to buy, please consider the purpose for which you will use it. Otherwise the battery purchased will be a wasteful investment. At present, there are many types of batteries. Although all batteries store energy, there are significant differences in the working methods of different types of batteries. You must find a battery that is more suitable for your specific purpose.

Below I will introduce two of the most common battery types, deep cycle batteries.

What is a deep cycle battery ?

Deep-cycle battery, it is a kind of lead battery, in fact, deep-cycle battery, its operating time is not high energy burst power, but low discharge provides a small amount of power, and the battery only discharges a small percentage each time it is used,Usually it is around 2% to 5%. In this way the use time will last longer. Deep-cycle batteries are not only designed for long-term power supply, but also can release more stored energy. It should be noted that deep-cycle batteries can usually discharge up to 80%. The more retained, the longer the battery’s service life will be.

Types of deep cycle batteries

Even though there are similar functions in deep cycle batteries, there are many types of products. The two most common types of deep-cycle batteries: sealed or maintenance-free gel deep-cycle batteries and flooded deep-cycle batteries

One: Maintenance-free gel deep-cycle battery
The "maintenance-free" gel deep-cycle battery can also be called a sealed valve-regulated lead-acid battery.Adopting new technology and materials, making the whole battery more intelligent and convenient ,The most important link is omitted, and manual watering is not required. It greatly saves labor during use and is more convenient to use.

Two: Flooded deep-cycle battery
The flooded deep-cycle battery is the oldest battery type. Very inconvenient to use, When the electrolyte level in the battery is low, distilled water or special replenishment should be added. Never use pure drinking water instead.Because pure water contains various trace elements, and will have a bad effect on the battery. In general, flooded batteries require the most maintenance, and users must refill the battery appropriately to ensure that it maintains a good performance.

difference between the two solar deep cycle batteries

But there are other differences between the two. For example, the liquid-rich deep-cycle battery is relatively cheap in use, while the maintenance-free gel deep-cycle battery will be expensive. Because from the above-mentioned production materials and use efficiency, there is a very obvious contrast. At present, liquid-rich deep-cycle batteries are slowly being retired in the market, and maintenance-free deep-cycle gel batteries are on the rise. I believe that in the future, maintenance-free gel deep-cycle batteries are a must in every family.

Application of deep cycle battery

Some of the most popular uses of deep cycle batteries include:
Household appliances
Off-grid solar system
DC inverter
Renewable Energy System
Boats, recreational vehicles, etc.

We WHC Solar also provide deep cycle battery sales service

The maintenance-free gel deep-cycle battery mentioned above, WHC SOLAR can have different models of 12v 100ah, 150ah, 200ah and 24v120ah, and the parameters are provided to everyone. We provide you with high professional, high-level and high-quality services. With technology that never stops, it will always lead you to the forefront of solar energy.

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