WHC 200-12 gel solar deep cycle battery 12v 200ah house back up

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12v 200ah charge solar gel deep cycle battery - WHC

So what is a solar deep cycle battery?

A deep-cycle battery is a battery with a discharge depth greater than 80%, but we need to understand the characteristics of the entire battery.The first is to use a liquid electrolyte solution in each battery. Secondly, each battery has an access hole and a completely sealed lid on the top of the inserted battery. There are also special differences in the material structure, AGM battery and gel battery structure, but there are two very important differences. The first is the difference between electrolytes. AGM batteries suspend the electrolyte on the glass fiber mat of each battery to prevent spillage. The electrolyte is then used in the gel battery to transform it into a jelly-like consistency.

However, the similarity between AGM and gel batteries is that the battery path is sealed with an old exhaust regulator to allow gas to escape and prevent overflow. Better protection of solar deep cycle batteries. These different phenomena reflect the different characteristics and technical requirements of deep-cycle batteries. At the same time, when the solar deep cycle battery is used and maintained, its performance is more the output power density.
But if it is over-discharged or otherwise improperly operated, it will damage our deep-cycle solar battery. So we should try to avoid bad problems. Therefore, you must be very careful during use to avoid rapid damage and unnecessary danger.

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Advantages of WHC 200-12 12V 200AH Solar Deep Cycle Battery

Solar deep cycle battery gel; usually equipped with camping or home, solar battery or solar system. You may have heard of different solar deep cycle batteries, But not all technologies are the same as our WHC 200-12 12V 200AH battery. Whether it is design and manufacturing, its design and manufacturing are all to provide maximum discharge performance for solar energy systems, camping vehicles or ships. The entire battery is also deeply discharged and safe to use. It truly embodies the advantages of the solar deep cycle.

Which solar deep cycle battery is suitable for you to use?

WHC Solar can also provide different types of battery products to meet your different needs, so you can choose the battery product that best suits your needs and preferences.
The 12V 80AH solar deep cycle battery can be used for home appliances, power tools, RVs, camping, emergency lighting and other purposes. It also provides a variety of different models to meet your different applications and needs.

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12V 200Ah solar deep cycle battery parameters:

Name: Solar deep cycle battery 12V80Ah
Model: WHC12V80AH
Lifespan: 5-8 years
Weight: 50kg
Capacity: 80Ah
Rated voltage: 12V

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