WHC-035W Solar phone Charger Best Portable USB Power

WHC-035W Portable Solar Charger ,Can Applied: Mobile Phone Charging, Small Audio Charging, Flashlight Charging, Outdoor Camping, Etc.

Basic parameters of solar charger

Product name: WHC-035W

Size: 140*230*18 mm

Weight: 510g

Output: 5V

Input: 3.5W solar panel

Capacity: direct charging

Warranty: 12 months

Socket type: USB

WHC - 035W 6V 3.5W Portable solar phone charger

This WHC - 035W 6V 3.5W portable solar phone charger is like a micro power plant, solar panels can absorb solar photons and release electricity. The absorbed electricity can generate electricity for your mobile phone and some small electronic devices.

variety USB charging output, charging more convenient

The USB port of the solar cell phone charger has an IC chip regulated 5V output, which protects the cell phone and cell phone battery and makes the use process safer. In addition, it is equipped with five different USB output ports. There are Micro USB interface for fast charging of old mobile phones, Type-C interface for fast charging of new mobile phones, Mini USB for small electronic devices, and large heads DC 5.5 and small head DC 2.0, charge different electrical appliances, these kinds of USB output ports are, very suitable for people to use in emergencies or power outages.

Why people like solar chargers

When people want to camp or hike in places with unreliable power grids, this WHC - 035W solar charger is a good choice. Because of its small size and lightweight, it does not take up much space. It is suitable for storing in a camping bag, emergency bag or mountaineering bag. Solar mobile power makes travel more convenient.

Simple operation when using solar panel charger

The solar panel charger can be used directly under direct sunlight, and the whole method of use is very convenient. This further reflects the convenience of this portable solar charger.

Daily maintenance of the best solar charger

maintenance and maintenance of the solar charger is to keep it clean and dust-free. The cleaning process can solve the problem with a clean damp cloth. It has good water resistance, so there is no need to worry about water damaging it.

Advantages of solar usb charger

3.5W solar usb charger, it has a unique function, lightweight panel array, polysilicon solar panel can capture every ray of sunlight, flexible and durable. At the same time, it also has protection functions such as over-discharge, short-circuit protection, over-charge, low-voltage, etc., making your life safer and more convenient during use.

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