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WHC SK1206 Solar System Portable Generator kit,With lithium Battery , Come With Bluetooth,FM Radio,MP3 Player,Lighting,Mobile Phone Charge Etc.



Podue Name:

solar panel kits

Product Size:



lithium 12V5200mah

Solar Panel:

Poly 16V 10W With 5m Cable


DC12V5W LED Bulbs with 5m Cable *3 sets
Accessory 4 in 1 USB Phone Charging Wire 1pc

Charging Time:

8~10 Hours

Charging Efficency:


Working Time:

Three Bulbs 10Hours

Dc/USB Output:




Weight / Ctn:





" Build-in A-Quality 11.1V 5.2AH lithium battery,carrycome with solar Bluetooth,Wireless Function,Easily Connect with Your Phone and Play Your Favorite Song. FM Radio Function,Thousands Of Channels For You To Choose.MP3 Player,and 3PCS High Lumen E27 12V 5W Bulbs with 5M Long Cable, 10hrs Long Working Time. and USB Automatically Play The Music in Your USB Flash Drive Phone Charge,4 in 1 USB Phone Charger, Charging Different Type Phones Anywhere Quickly.(Power Bank) etc."


complete solar power kits for homes


The Host Machine Can Be Charged Through A 16V60W Solar Panel:
Power:16V 10W
Solar Cell:Polycrystalline Silicon
Dimension:350mm X235mmX 17mm
Application Range:Charge 12V Batteries
VMP(Optimum Operating Voltage):16V
IMP(Optimum Operating Current):0.625A
VOC(Open-circuit Voltage):19.2V
ISC(Short-circuit Current):0.718A
STC:Irrdiance 1000W/mf ,Module Temperature25C,Solar SpectrumAM=1.5

1. Place solar panel in sunny and adjust panel to maximumUse Power.(Solar panels are 0-45 degrees south Northern Hemisphere; they are at 0-45 ° N Hemisphere; it depends on the local latitude.)
2. Connect the solar panels to the device with a double-hole cable.

go power solar panels

Product Description:

1. is built-in 12V5200mAh lithium battery.
2. is charged with a 15V adapter or 16V 10W solar panels.
3. " Equipped with a high-frequency radio and a music player.
4. With 4 DC12V output holes.
5. The USB1SD card plays.
6. A USB cell phone outlet hole.
7. Use the backlight LCD.
8. There are 3 LED bulbs for lighting, each with a 5 m long cable.
9. Side is a USB cable for a multi-head cable charging the mobile device
Mobile phone, MP3 player, radio, Bluetooth speakers etc

go power solar panels


Input Voltage: 12V
Power: 12V5W
Color Temperature: 8000K
Cable:5m with 304 Switch
Luninance: 300lm
Size: 40mm X 90mm
4In1 USB Multi
Head Charging Cable

luminous solar system
solar panel kits for home


1.Handle With Care.
2.When One Indicator Light Ils On Only, Please Charge It In Time
3.The Battery Can Be Changed By Yourself When It Useless.
4.The Host Machine Do Not Expose It Under The Sunshine For A Long Time.
5.Leave Away The Water,The Rain And The Wet Place, Keep It Dry And Clean.

Product Size:1:50mmX60mm x 230mm
Battery:Lithium 12V 5.2AH
Solar Panel(Optional):Poly 16V 10W
Charging Time:8-10 Hours
Charging Eflcency:95%
Working Time:Three Bulbs 10Hours
DC/USB Output:12V/5V
Maximum Charging Current:2A


solar power panels

1.Start / Mode Conversion
2.SD Play Slot
3.Radio And Bluetooth Speaker Switch
4.Last Song 1 Volume Turn down
6.Next Song 1 Volume Turn up
7.USB Play Slot
8.Aux Input
9.Power Switch
10.Battery Indicator
11.Solar Panel Input Or DC Adapter
12.DC 12V Output
13.V USB Output


Switch Operation:
Power: The Power Switch To The "ON" Position;
Shutdown: The Power Switch To The "OFF" Position

MP3/Bluetooth Playback Operation:

With The Power To Insert A Copy Of The MP3 Songs USB Disk Or SD Card,The Machine
Will Automatically Recognize And Play;
When On Bluetooth State, Please Connect With The Bluetooth Name "WHC SOL AR”
On Your Mobile Phone;
When Playing MP3 1 Bluetooth Button Functions As Follows:

" V-" Short Press Play On A Song, Long Press Volume Down;
"/ Play/ Pause " Pause The Song Being Played, And Then Press It Again To Return To
The Playing State;
"/ V+ " Short Press Play The Next Song, Long Press The Volume Increase;
"MODE" Machine Work Mode Selection, According To The Order Of Bluetooth,FM,
AUX, MP3 Sequentially Through;


Use "MODE" Button Will Switch To The Fm State Machine; (The Default Is Fm State
Boot Without USB Disk / SD Card).
When The FM Mode Button Functions As Follows:
"/ V- "Short Press Play the Last FM Channel, Long Press Volume Down;
" Play/ Pause " Short Press Pause or Play The Channel,Press 3 seconds to Perform Automatic Search and Store Radio Channels;
"/V+ " Short Press Play the Next FM Channel, Long Press The Volume Increase;
"MODE" Machine Work Mode Selection, According To The Order Of Aux, MP3, FM Followed By Cycle;

"AUX" Operation:

Press The Panel Above "MODE" To Switch The Machine To "AUX" State.
Sources From The Mini USB Interface Input, Volume From The External Audio Device
Control, Also Can Be Made "On The Song" And "Under A" To Adjust The Volume.
Adjust The Volume Control Method Is Also The Same As Mp3.


1.When MP3 Status: Displays The Currently Playing Song From USB Disk Or SD Card,And Display The Playback Time Schedule;
2.When Adjusting The Volume: Displays The Volume Level;
3.When FM Status: Displays The Current Radio Station Frequency;
4. .When AUX Status: Displays The Current Operating State;When Bluetooth Status: Displays The Current Operating State;


The System Uses A 12V 5.2AH Lithium Maintenance Free Rechargeable Battery
In Order To Keep The Longest Lifespan:
1.Please Don't Keep The Battery In The Over Discharge Status.
2.Please Charge The Battery At Less One Time Every 3 Months,Even You Don't Use It.

When Replace Battery, Only Use 12V Lithium Battery, And Under Conduction By Professional Person.

best solar system for home

Here's What No One Tells You About solar system and portable solar generator.

WHC SK1206 solar system has controller a 10W load power, which means that its power is enough to handle many different devices running at the same time, making the SK1206 solar generator a full power source from emergency backup power and portable power.

four benefits You Will Want To Know About solar panels.

This solar system, solar panel with LifePo4 lithium battery, uses high quality polysilicon Solar cell panels and built-in Class A 11.1V 5.2AH LifePo4 lithium battery. 100% discharge,durable and longer life.

This is why the WHC SK1206 solar generator is so famous!

solar system It contains the necessities needed to assemble and operate the solar lighting system for house. WHC SK1206 Solar energy kit com with high current 3PCS bulbs, with 5 meters long cable for lighting, 10 hours long working time.come with Bluetooth,FM Radio,MP3 Player high-definition audio *2 PCS audio output.4 in 1 USB charger, which can quickly charge different types of mobile phones anytime and anywhere.The USB output can be used for mobile phones, Ipads, Mp4, chargers, etc.

Let you fall in love with WHC SK1206 16V 10W household portable solar generator.

especially suitable for RV equipment, boats, Camping out,household solar System kits, also suitable for powering other small electronic devices ,WHC SK1206 16V 10W solar kits are suitable for and home use.Easily meet your energy need.

FM radio solar system:

The SK1206 solar system kit also has an FM radio function, with thousands of radio channels for you to choose. You can listen to finance, entertainment, social news, radio stations, etc. It is one of the pleasures of your family.

MP3, wireless solar system:

With wireless function and MP3 function, you can easily connect your mobile phone music player to quickly play your favorite songs anytime, anywhere, such as: pop songs, modern rock, enjoy jazz, folk songs, symphony, light music, etc. The body and mind flow with the charm of music.

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