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In the Case of Power Outages or Unstable Grid Power Supply, Do You Feel Helpless and Bored Because You Do Not Have a Backup Battery? But Now Whc Solar Solar Batteries Allow You to Get Rid of Excessive Dependence on the Grid and Directly Use Solar Energy, so That You Will No Longer Face Such a Dilemma in the Future.

So what is a solar battery?

As the name suggests, they are solar rechargeable batteries charged by solar panels, solar battery chargers or UBS functional inverters. Solar batteries used for home storage are an indispensable new energy source for every family. Therefore, solar batteries have higher working efficiency and higher cost performance. In the event of a power failure, the energy stored in the battery can provide normal power for your home and provide you and your family with due security

Advantages and characteristics of solar batteries

One: The battery electrolyte is a solid sealed structure to ensure that the colloidal electrolyte does not leak and avoid a large amount of leakage during the use of traditional lead acid batteries. During the use of solar batteries, there is no acid mist gas precipitation, no electrolyte overflow, non toxic and pollution-free, and it is safer and more reliable to use.

Two: The sturdy protective plate has good shock resistance, avoids damage and cracks caused by vibration or collision, prevents the electrode plate from being corroded, and reduces the bending of the electrode plate and the difference between the battery and the electrode plate in use. It will not cause a decrease in capacity and has good physical and chemical protection.

Three: The performance of the deep discharge cycle is good. The solar battery can be charged in time after deep discharge to meet the needs of high frequency deep discharge, so its use range is wider than traditional batteries.

Four: Wide application environment (temperature), can be used in different temperature ranges, and can be used safely in various harsh environments. Not limited by space, it can be placed arbitrarily during use.

Moreover, the solar gel battery is not only a backup power source, but also a power source that can be used in daily life. No noise, fast and convenient to use, no need for frequent maintenance. It embodies the importance of using this type of solar battery, which is a work efficiency that cannot be achieved by traditional batteries.

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What will you gain from WHC SOLAR?

We, WHC SOLAR , are a solar energy technology manufacturer with 13 years of experience. Have a very professional design team and production team. All solar products are sold directly by the factory. Solar batteries are one of our best-selling solar products. We have 12v 65ah 80ah 100ah 150ah 200ah and 24v 240ah and other different solar batteryies for sale. Here, we will provide better quality products, more favorable prices, and better services. Let WHC SOLAR be your best partner.

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