Take You Understand WHC PW Solar Surface Water Pump

WHC SOLAR PM solar surface pump

Solar surface water pumps provide perfect sustainable, reliable and cost-effective solar water pumps, specially designed for livestock or irrigation areas, or used in specific areas, such as areas without electricity, areas with insufficient electricity, or areas with large areas of water supply for reproduction. Regardless of the application, solar water pumps can provide solutions for water delivery problems. It breaks the problems of traditional electric water pumps, fuel water pumps with low power, low flow, and high maintenance costs. Solar pumps can achieve maintenance-free, low-cost, and large flow.

Why is our PM series solar surface pump suitable for you?

As mentioned above, no matter which scale needs a lot of water, our WHC SOLAR PM series solar water pump system can meet it. Because of our large solar photovoltaic array. These arrays are sufficient to meet the needs of various pumps. It is the best partner for often dry and water-deficient areas.

Advantages of PM series solar surface pump

1. The solar ground pump is easy to install and does not require fuel, power grid or frequent maintenance.

2. The solar water pump body adopts a portable design, which can be moved according to water demand or weather changes.

3. Compared with fuel pumps and grid pumps, solar pumps have lower operating costs.

4. The solar ground pump realizes off-grid work and directly uses the energy of solar panels for power supply.

5. High-efficiency solar panels and MPPT solar control, etc.

The WHC SOLAR solar surface pump system consists of three parts

1. Monocrystalline silicon solar panels
Realize the maximum power to track the sun to run the solar water pump. Solar panels account for most of the system cost (up to 80%). The entire solar panel depends on the power of the pump and the amount of water required.

2. Solar MPPT controller
The solar controller has multiple functions. It can match the output power received by the water pump with the input power provided by the solar panel. Secondly, when the voltage and current are too low or too high for the working range of the water pump, the MPPT controller can protect the voltage and current, thereby increasing the service life of the solar water pump.

3. Solar water pump motor
The solar water pump motor is a DC water delivery system. Using DC motor, the rated power can reach 550w-1500w, and the flow rate is 6t-50t per hour. You can also use the solar water pump system storage tank to store excess water. Prevent cloudy days from affecting water demand.

Solar surface pump application

The entire system can be used for a wide range of applications: farm irrigation, livestock applications, aquaculture, lakes, river ponds, villages, etc.

Why do we want to make solar energy?

In general, solar energy is a new energy that synchronizes with nature in the new century. It is an important way for human beings to coexist with the earth, and it is also an indispensable source of electricity for people who lack electricity or invest in green and clean energy. In the future, solar energy will become a new energy source for our lives, which also proves that it is a new trend in future development. So, let us achieve it together, let solar energy be our partner, and work together for a win-win situation!

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