WHC-330M-60 Mono Solar Panels 330W 60 Cells off grid PV System

WHC-330M-60 Solar Panel Is Convert Solar Energy Into Electricity, Can Maximum Track The Sun Power. Life of Than 25 Years Use.Suitable for House, Shops,Government Projects ,Etc.

Electrical performance parameter:

Panel module:WHC-330M-60

Max.Power volt(Pmax):330Wp

Max. circuit volt(Vmp):33.25V

Open circuit volt(voc):40.35V

Open circuit current(|sc):10.79A

Open circuit current(°C):-40°C~+85°C

Max. System voltage:1000VDC (IEC)

Max. rated fuse current:20A

Output power tolerance:0~+3%

temperature index in Max. Power:-0.37%/°C

temperature index in Open circuit volt:-0.28%/°C

temperature index in Open circuit current:0.048%/°C

temperature index in Open circuit current:0.048%/°C


  1. Light intooo/m2 Battery
  2. temperature:25°C
  3. atmosphere quality=15


  1. Light intensity800W/m2
  2. Battery temperature:20°C
  3. atmosphere quality=15
  4. wind velocity 1m/s
  5. *Power Tolerance 3%

Structural parameters:

  1. Cell size:Mono Crystalline Module 158x 158mm
  2. Solar Cell Number:60 (6x10)
  3. Panel size:1650x 992 x40mm
  4. Panel weight:18.0KG
  5. Front cover glass:3.2mm,High light transmission, low iron, tempered glass
  6. Frame:Anodized Aluminum Alloy
  7. Junction box:Ip67
  8. Cable: TUV1x40mm² /UL12AWG, Cable Length: 900mm or OEM
  9. Solar Panel Type:Mono Crystall Solar Panel
  10. IS09001:2008、ISO14001:2004、OHSAS18001
  11. Factory certificates:IEC61215、IEC61730 product certificates

Key Features:

1000V System Voltage:

1000V solar system voltage design, significantly lowers BOS cost Compared to 1000V systems

9BB Solar Cell:

More uniform current collection capability,reduce the current Battery heat loss, beautiful appearance, more suitable for the roof Installation.

High Power Output:

60 pieces solar chip output power up to 330Wp.

Anti-PID Guarantee:

Anti-PID cell and encapsulation technology Frameless module, Requires no module grounding which may PID.

Low Light Performance:

By high efficiency glass with surface veneering, technology to Achieve excellent performance in low light conditions.

Strengthened Load Ability:

5400 pa snow load,2400 pa wind load.

Harsh Environment Ada pta bility:

passed TUV tests with high salt and high ammonia levels Gas corrosion test.

Leading Linear Warranty

12 Years Material Craft Warranty, 25 Years Life Time.

Packing standard:

Flatbed transport truck loading capacity(size :13M long truck),Tray size(mm) 31 pieces/tray 28 tray/car 868 pieces/car.

The Solar Panels Mystery.

There are thousands of solar panels available-how do you know which solar panels will be used for your installation?

The reason for the success of solar modules and photovoltaic solar panels.

The most common solar panels, known as photovoltaic panels (PV).pv solar panels consists of a set of solar cells made of silicon materials similar to semiconductor materials used in computer chips.

What Everyone Must Know About Mono Solar Panels.

Solar cells are generally divided into two types depending on battery types: single crystal and polycrystalline cells. Although there are other types of solar technologies, most solar photovoltaic panels available for installation are made of single silicon or polysilicon. Single silicon solar panels are considered to be high-grade solar products made from silicon wafers cut by silicon, and are called "single silicon". Usually, single panels can have more efficiency than polysilicon.

Super Easy Ways To Learn Everything About Solar Panel System.

The main advantage of installing a solar panel system is to use the sun to generate electricity, and free electricity can be used. And equipped with solar cells can allow you to store and extract energy when the sun goes down, converting sunlight into direct current (DC). The DC is sent to your solar inverter and converted into AC (AC) energy. Finally, alternating current is used to power your home. In short, it will produce solar energy simple, clean and efficient.

This is the reason fall love with the WHC-330M-60 off-grid solar panel system and solar module.

WHC Solar focuses on high quality production of off-grid solar panels system, Each solar cell operates at full power. Aluminum alloy frame, Compatible connector, IP65 Waterproof junction box, Anticorrosion the whole product, Rust prevention, Waterproof. Life of 25 years, Warranty for 10 years. WHC-330M-60 Mono solar panel allows maximum tracking of sun. WHC Solar, We also offer various solar modules models, Such as 120W180W330W400W and various options, To meet your different needs.they has a wide range of applications, Ideal for a family, Business and government projects. Experience new technologies, Feel the new life, Let life and technology progress together.WHC-330M-60 Mono solar panel allows maximum tracking of sun

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