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Our solar gel AGM battery

Our Gel AGM batteries are the development direction of old-style lead-acid deep-cycle batteries. On the basis of old-style lead-acid deep-cycle batteries, this batteries are greatly improved. There is no free-flowing liquid electrolyte among them, so there is no need to add any water. And almost eliminate any overflow, reducing common corrosion problems. If they are used and charged correctly, they will not release any gas and can be placed anywhere.

Features and advantages of solar gel AGM batteries

And the gel AGM battery can discharge deeper without affecting its service life, charging speed is much faster than other types of batteries. The cycle charging capacity is 3 times higher than that of the old lead-calcium batteries. At the same time, it provides more reliable low-temperature performance. Reduce the risk of accidents, reduce the risk of environmental pollution, simple maintenance, reduce deep discharge, and make the operation time longer. Therefore, the innovation of technology and materials, but there is also a point; it will make them more expensive.

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The value of solar gel AGM battery

You might think that because of their higher upfront cost, but in fact, since the service life of gel AGM is much longer than that of old lead-acid batteries, in terms of long-term use, The price of the solar gel AGM battery is actually compared with the old lead-acid battery, the solar gel AGM battery will be cheaper. And Gel AGM is very suitable for household energy storage systems, boats, recreational vehicles and other different fields. It shows that they are worth the money.

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WHC 100-12 12V 100AH ​​solar gel Agm battery is one of the most popular product types of our WHC SOLAR. Every user who buys and uses it will get good feedback and evaluation. You are also very welcome to consult us, let us The most professional knowledge and the best service allow you to get the best solar products.

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